Friday, 2 September 2016

Day 8

The last morning spent in Tactic, went smooth. We all packed the day before and were good to go.
We had breakfast at 8am, and left the guesthouse around 9 to join a devotional at the elementary Chicoy school, before leaving the small town for good.It was wonderful being able to hear the children voices in the morning, and praying with them before leaving to Antigua. We stopped for lunch at 12:30, and hit the road again once everyone got an ice-cream, from there it went straight to Antigua.
Everyone pretty much had a goodnight sleep, but that didn't keep us teenage girls from napping 5 hours straight till we got to Antigua.  It was a ride, but we made it!
Saying goodbye is always hard, so thats why I stuck to saying "hasta luego, nos vemos!" instead (till later,will see each other again!) made the situation a lot easier.  Even though we're still in Guatemala, I think most of us are looking forward to coming again! Being here has just been such a blessing to us all, and the people we got to know during this trip.
We arrived in Antigua around 3:30 and arrived at our hotel around 4 in the afternoon.  Antigua is absolutely beautiful, and full of history! Love the stone roads, even tho they are insanely bumpy.
When we settled in we went to Fernando's (a coffee & chocolate shop) where everyone got themselves a little snack.  After that we went to a restaurant close by, and had a lovely dinner all together.  From dinner we went for a walk with Les a few blocks around Antigua, and he gave us a little knowledge about the old buildings that were made in the 1500's and still stand today! We will get to take a peak into some of the cathedrals tomorrow.  We had a great debrief with Les afterwards, when we went to sit down at a place where we will be having dinner tomorrow.  Well, that's all for today! Hope you enjoy reading!

- Julianna

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