Thursday, 1 September 2016

Day 7

Today was our last day in Tactic. It has been an amazing experience! The Lord has manifested himself to each of us and as a group in so many ways.
This morning we went to do two home visits. Both homes had stories of brokenness, yet in both places there was a strong presence of God, his love and power. We had times of sharing, worship and prayer. It’s amazing how God works in peoples lives here in Guatemala.
After the visits we quickly stopped at the market to buy Guipil. These are typical outfits of Guatemalan people.

After lunch we went to a school for a devotional. The devotionals are powerful times where people pray and worship. After worship we spent time in english class with different students, playing games and getting to know them.

We also visited a sponsor class. They greeted us with confetti. We played games and shared food that they had prepared. They made us feel loved and welcomed.
In the evening we went to a cell group. We started with worship and prayer. Then some of our group shared their testimonies and we sang a song. After that we had a special time of prayer for the people that shared their testimonies. The Bible study was based on some versus in 1. Corinthians 15 and 16. After prayer we were served hot chocolate rice pudding, which was awesome!
It has been a full, amazing day! God bless you all.


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