Thursday, 1 September 2016

Day 6

Today was quite the day. After breakfast we went to Chicoy to go into the sinkhole that is there. This is a place that, like the church at Chiixim, is a place where people go with witches to do witchcraft. We hiked up the side of the mountain, which was hard at 5,000 feet, and looked down into this place of spiritual darkness. The people in this area will hire a witch to do a ritual of some sort, either a blessing for someone or even to curse someone. The thing is, hiring a witch costs quite a lot of money, and people will often borrow money and end up in debt just to have a witch do one or two rituals for them. We also learned that the better known a witch is, the more they charge for what they do. When we went down into the sinkhole we had a time of singing and prayer, calling God into this place of darkness. We were told that many of the local witches have stopped coming to this place specifically because it has started to lose it’s power. This is the result of a group of people like us going down into that place every week to worship God and to pray.

In the afternoon we had our final day of children’s ministry. It was a time of laughter and joy with the children and youth and teachers that we were working with. Afterwards, we played some soccer with the teachers of the school that we were working at. This was also something that was hard to do at 5,000 feet :) Once the soccer game was over, we came back to the guesthouse to eat dinner and fellowship with the teachers. We heard a couple of the testimonies of the teachers of the school as well. Then, we had a party! Guatemalan style. We had a surprise birthday party for Nadia and Julianna.

It is now very late and tomorrow is going to be another very full day.

Dios de bendiga! (God bless you)

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