Saturday, 27 August 2016

We have survived our second full day in Guatemala! The girls and I all fell asleep around 11:30, and we had an early morning ahead of us… Breakfast was at 7:00, so that means the girls were up at 5:45 taking showers and doing makeup. But I slept in until Juliana hit me with a pillow at 6:30… 5:30 Vancouver time. By that time everyone was awake and getting ready for the day. 

We had heard whispers of a scavenger hunt the night before, they were true. We spent a few hours wondering around the market in Tactic trying to buy various items and some team members were struggling to speak Spanish to the vendors. Tim, knowing the fun man he is, just walked around the square holding a large pineapple and mini watermelon in his arms… no bag, a few Guatemalan boys saw him and giggled and tried selling him a bag, again knowing Tim, he declined. My team ended up winning the scavenger hunt because we got all the bonus points… like holding a live chicken, getting a shoe shine and sining the Canadian national anthem on a bridge!
After market place fun, was construction time, our first “work” activity. We loaded cinder blocks onto the flatbed of a large truck, drove up the hill, then unloaded them up top. We repeated that process twice. The men who were helping us were tossing these cinder blocks to each other and we just passed them down a line to the pile. Lots of scratches and sore muscles, but worth it all the way! We were helping build a new guest house for the staff of Impact Ministries. 

After lunch we hopped in the van and drove 45 minutes to the city of Coban, where we visited the hospital. We handed out stuffed toys to the children in paediatrics and prayed for them all, the best part about that was seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they got a stuffy. After that we moved over to the maternity ward, where we handed out care packages to the mothers, and several asked for prayers for health of their child or just prayer in general. We ended our visit to the hospital with a quick (or not so quick) trip to the nursery, for the newborns. My personal highlight of that stop was seeing this one baby girl who was 1 hour old! We weren't allowed to hold her, but we did get the chance to hold many little boys. Alanna would not let go of this one baby, too cute. 

On our way back “home” we stopped at an ice-cream shop, that was a pleasant surprise. But back to the van ride… It Was Loud!! The girls in the back liked to sing and joke around, and I just wanted to take a nap… like I did on the way up to the hospital. But when we did get back to the guest house, it was time for dinner, yummm. 

Thank you for all your prayers

-Kira Johnson 

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