Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Day 3 - Tactic

We all woke up energized and ready to see what God had in store for us.  The Sun shone brightly into the new guest house that we were all staying in as we shuffled into a group to pray for our breakfast.   It  is amazing to see how our team works together to make sure that we are all ready to go by 7:15am.  Dishes clean, bags packed and we piled into the two Impact Ministry vans about to embark on our first day in Tactic.

Our destination?  Impact Ministries school founded by Les and Rita Peters.

This beautiful blue oasis shines like a beacon of hope for the people of this town.  Parents or guardians can send their kids to a place that they know they will be safe, fed and educated.  The children there saw us, smiled and some even came to to grab our hands.  We were taken directly into the main hall and sat in the back with translators placed into our ears.

Like a wave of blue water, the 250+ students in their blue sweaters flowed into the hall, quickly filling up the seats.  There was a small introduction and then the miracle happened...  they all started to sing.   Their music filled the hall with such passion and grace.  Many in our team began to cry with tears of joy as they were swept into the music and the presence of God with these children.   Les Peters was translating the music for us all, but in a way, we didn't need to hear the translation as the music and song transcended language.

It is a miracle to think that this small town in Guatemala has embraced the Lord.

As if the song and music wasn't enough, we were guided out of the hall when it was done and we all dropped to our knees as the entire procession of youth came and embraced us each.  Over 250 young boys and girls looked us in the eyes with a big smile and hugged each one of the team.

More tears flowed.

We were now greased up with love.  Perfect tools to do the Lords work back at the compound.   It was a work day after all.  The team fell quickly into their jobs without even being told what to do.  It was as if God was guiding our hands to lift concrete blocks into place and shovel gravel into wheel barrows.  Hard work...made easier by hearts lifted by the grace of God.  It also helped that Germany won against Brazil.

By the end of the day, we were spiritually and physically exhausted.  Our beds called to us.  We slept peacefully and dreamt beautiful dreams.

-Mark Kinskofer

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