Monday, 7 July 2014

Day 1 & 2

Day 1 & 2

Well, yesterday was a FULL day of travel that started with us meeting at YVR at 3:30am.  The day was largely uneventful in terms of travel.  Everything went smoothly as we hoped, and we arrived on time to the welcoming smiles of Les & Oscar of Impact Ministries.  

We spent the 1st night at SETECA, a large seminary in Guatemala City, and again, it was largely uneventful... ...until about 5:30am when a few of us were wakened by a little bit shaking.  Turns out there was an earthquake up in Mexico, and the tremors were somewhat noticeable to us.  Nothing alarming though, and certainly not outside of something we experience in Vancouver sometime.  

The morning brought us our first real taste of Guatemala - literally - as we enjoyed and excellent breakfast at the seminary of: Salsa, eggs, black beans, and some type of drink that no one knows what it was - tasted good though. :-) 

Les brought us to the Central Park in Guatemala city for the morning.  We had a chance to enjoy some of the architecture, accompanied by Les' stories of history, politics, and the Spiritual movements that have occurred within Guatemala's history.  He did a great job of helping fill in the context of people we'd be serving and relating with during our time here. 

After a long drive, we finally arrived at the Guesthouse here in Tactic.  It's a beautiful place to stay, and it was especially fun to experience for those of us who got to work on it last time we were here.  The courtyard that we spent digging out and re-filling with topsoil last time is now a beautiful garden area!  What a joy to see all the changes here, and to see what has developed on top of the small bit of work we did here.  

At our orientation meeting this evening, we were also blessed when Oscar presented us each with a specially made plaque, bracelet, and pen, that had been personalized for each one of us by some of the kids here.  As it turns out, in addition to all of you, 150 kids in one of their schools has been praying for us as a team!  What a blessing and a joy to come and relate and serve with our brothers & sisters here.  

Tomorrow is an early morning, and a full day of working hard on a new wood shop they are building.  

Thanks for your prayers for all of us and for the ministry of Impact.  

good night. 


  1. We greatly wondered if and how the earthquake affected you there. Glad to hear that all are safe and sound. :)

  2. Thanks for the update! What a great blessing to hear that the children there have been praying for you, the work that continues on, and God's hand holding you. May the Lord hear our prayers, comfort and defend you, and move mightily through you.