Monday, 20 August 2012

Recap of Day 1 & 2

Hi folks.  Sorry for the blog delay.  As it happens not all things have gone as planned. Though it’s been quite an adventure and a good beginning to our time here nonetheless. 

In the wee hours of Saturday morning a small group of family & friends saw us off at YVR.  After a few character building opportunities at ticketing, security, and customs, we caught our flight to our layover in Houston.  

Houston was good to us.  So happy to have us there that we stayed for an extra 3 hours.  However, Houston provided us with 2 amazing lightening shows, and we had a lot of laughs together as we waited patiently.  

It was about 1:30 Mountain Time, that we finally landed in Guatemala City.  However, arrival & customs went very smoothly.  Les & Juan were waiting for us upon arrival, and after a short drive our heads finally found pillows for a short sleep. 

This morning, after a delicious breakfast at SETECA we travelled to Central square for a bit of Guatemalan history and had a chance to see the palace and cathedral there.  

We travelled through the late morning & afternoon through the beautiful countryside & mountain ranges of Guatemala.  Something that impressed us during our travels was the way that corn was planted up steep mountainsides.  It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must be to plant and harvest corn on such steep slopes.  Very resourceful though!

One of the reasons for the delayed post, is that we don’t have ready access to internet.  We are staying at a hotel rather than the usual Impact guesthouse due to it’s proximity to a very noisy, and intrusive fair, that is happening on 3 sides of the guesthouse and lasts well into the night.  

Shortly after arriving at our hotel we were again whisked off to the late afternoon church service.  It was wonderful to worship together with Les & Rita and their congregation here.  We brought greetings to them from Sherbrooke, and thoroughly enjoyed worship with our lively brothers & sisters in Christ here.  

After a supper of Tamales and an orientation meeting with Rita, we’ve arrived back at the hotel.  Though it’s relatively early, the cumulative 6-8 hours of sleep that most of us have had since Friday night has caught up to us, and we’re all eager to sleep.  

On Monday we begin our work projects & children’s ministry.  Pray for us, for the people here, and especially for the children.  Pray that we would communicate the love of Christ to them, and that our time together would make us ever more aware of God’s presence & leading in each on of our lives.  

Buenos Noches. 

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