Friday, 24 August 2012

Day 6.

 This was supposed to be written by Devon, but after our devotions, during reflection time she fell asleep so Roswitha and I (I being Amber) are writing it. Once again, we were woken up by out lovely neighbour rooster far too early. When it was finally time to get up, we made our way to the elementary school for morning devotions with kids ages four to grade seven. We listened to their beautiful voices glorifying God. At the end of the service, the principal prayed blessings over us as a few of the children hugged us as a means of laying hands on us; what an awesome feeling. When the service was over we walked to the guest house, about ten minutes away - our first time walking anywhere in the city. With breakfast in our tummies we were sent off to the market in groups of three and four with a list of things to do and buy for points and a prize. Included in the activities was to take a picture of one of our team mates with a real pig’s head (dead or alive); holding a live chicken; and eating fresh tortillas off the grill. We came home with bags of fruits and vegetables that we will be eating in the next few days. We were given points according to the quality of the food. Our group of me, Roswitha, Jordy, and Matthew, won the challenge and Matthew and Roswitha were not allowed to translate for Jordy and I. Next, we went to the high school, where we participated in their devotional. We also saw the medical clinic which is built on the high school campus. After lunch, we headed out to a coffee plantation twenty minutes from Tactic where we saw the stages of the plant from seedlings in little bags to the end of the coffee plant’s life which is about fourteen years. To see what we came to see, we had to climb almost straight up a mountain. We huffed and puffed and a few of us almost rolled all the way back down (don’t worry, no one was hurt). We even got to taste a ripe coffee been right off the plant. At this plantation, only women work the fields because they are better workers than men (we were actually told this by the supervisor of the plantation, we are not making it up. Women here are often single moms who need to feed their large families.) After walking down the mountain, we went to see the very simple processing plant where we were told how the beans are processed until they become a roasted coffee bean. After the tour, we had a little time before dinner so we went and visited one of the ministry schools a little ways up the mountain. There is not much flat land in this country. Before heading back to Tactic we stopped for a three course meal that could have fed twice as many people. Selby asked Peter H. if the salsa was hot and he was told no, so he put six teaspoons of it in his soup. It turned out it was spicy and he ended up with smoke coming out of his ears, eyes, nose and mouth but he still ate most of it, dousing the fire with a large glass of cinnamon rice milk and a few cups of water. No parasites will have survived that meal.  Peter later admitted that he wasn’t even looking when Selby asked his question. Back at the hotel we had some free time before devotionals which was followed by some personal reflection time during which, as we already said, Devon went off to lala land. During the writing of Selby’s story though, she was awakened by our laughter. Now that we’re finished we are all going to bed to get some rest for another exiting day tomorrow. Good night all!


  1. Well all that really sounds fantastic!

  2. it is wonderful to read all the feels like we are experiencing it with you all :) Fred & Regina

  3. Miss. Devon is a sleepy head! I hope somebody took a picture of Selby's face when he ate the spicy soup.